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Welcome to my blog. I love to travel and explore all new areas of the Gorgeous Planet we have- although I haven't been out of the country yet... it will definitely be happening soon!  I enjoy documenting my adventures in life and traveling, wherever they may take me!  

I hope you all enjoy!

blurred lines

blurred lines


I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!  This post is a little different than my normal posts and also a little more personal.  There are pictures with pure clarity and there are also pictures we took that were a little blurry... I've included both sets for a reason!  In a clear picture you see everything as it is: the details of the clothes, the elements of the environment, and the complete picture is captured.  However, in a blurry picture, you still get the idea of the pictures intent but the personality of the subject is really what shines through.  I felt like these pictures spoke so much to my personality and who I am, I had to include them!  Like I said, I know it's a little off brand and more personal but I liked them because it forced me to look deeper into each picture and the emotions tied to it.  

We shot this look during my first day in Los Angeles last week.  We had a full day planned of running errands and doing things in downtown so I knew I would need an outfit that was comfortable yet chic.  I chose this chambray button up paired with a classic pair of white shorts, because I loved the simplicity of the outfits look.  With the contrast in the colors it added dimension to the outfit, and when paired with over the knee boots it gave it a whole new look.  A casual day time outfit, perfect for jaunting around the city. 

All of the outfit details are below the post for you with options on where you can buy some of the pieces to re-create this look for yourself!


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winter florals

winter florals