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Welcome to my blog. I love to travel and explore all new areas of the Gorgeous Planet we have- although I haven't been out of the country yet... it will definitely be happening soon!  I enjoy documenting my adventures in life and traveling, wherever they may take me!  

I hope you all enjoy!

Mind your Mittens

( Sweater- Gap (similar here), Jeans- J Brand (find them here), Heels- Victoria's Secret, Gloves- Merona (similar here), Necklace- Nordstrom (similar here), Blue Ring- Nordstrom (similar here), Gold Ring- BP Nordstrom (similar here), Nail Polish- Essie "mind your mittens" (find it here) )

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season so far!  Here in the PNW the weather is starting to get a little warmer (something I will NOT be complaining about), it's the middle of winter and it's in the 60's, not too bad if you ask me!

Although it may be a little warmer out, the season still calls for sweaters and warm attire.  I opted for a short sleeved sweater, my go-to J Brand skinnies, and blue accents to match.  I almost felt like a smurf wearing so much blue.  However, being able to balance it out with the creme I the sweater and the different shades of blue made it a little less smurfette.  I like to be consistent with my looks, the idea of having a similar color palette or even a monochromatic look is very appealing to me.  It allows me to use bold colors or patterns in a way that is not overwhelming to my look.  Stripes can be a very tricky pattern to wear.  Any shape or size can wear stripes, it's just the type of stripes that makes the difference.  For example: smaller stripes look great on EVERYONE! But bigger, bolder stripes, need to be worn in a way that does NOT accent you body in an unflattering way.  

Check back in tomorrow to see my wish list for this holiday season, and where to get the best last minute gifts for those hard people on your list!


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